Additional Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on the May 31 Satellite Launch by the DPRK

Ambassador Robert Wood
Alternate U.S. Representative for Special Political Affairs
New York, New York
June 2, 2023


Thank you, Madam President. I apologize for taking the floor, and I promise not to be very long in responding to a few of these charges.
I’d first like to note that I found interesting that the representative of the Chinese delegation did not at any point condemn this DPRK space launch, which again, is in violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions.
There was a reference about the DPRK adhering to agreements, particularly the framework agreement from the early 90s. I think what was interesting about that time period was that while DPRK was supposedly adhering to this agreement, it was also in the process of developing a clandestine uranium enrichment program. So, so much for adherence to that agreement.
There was a reference to the Washington Declaration. And just to be very clear, that the Washington Declaration is a response to DPRK’s destabilizing activities with regard to its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs. It’s not the other way around. Just to be clear. This is not an issue of two sides here in the Security Council. There’s one party that has been sanctioned by the Security Council. That’s the DPRK.
There was a reference to the Chinese and Russian draft resolution that would ease sanctions on DPRK. It’s hard to imagine that we should ease sanctions on DPRK while it continues this destabilizing behavior. And think about the message that sends out to the world that you can go ahead and just willfully violate UN Security Council resolutions, and yet, you’re going to be rewarded. So I think we have to really think very seriously about that.
I’d also like to emphasize that in any of our deterrence cooperation with the ROK, the United States nor might I add the ROK, neither is in violation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Just want to be very clear about that.
My last point, in terms of U.S. willingness to engage the DPRK in seriousness, about engaging DPRK. We have said on many, many occasions, we are prepared to have an unconditional dialogue with the DPRK to try to deal with our differences. As you all know, the DPRK has rejected our interventions on many occasions.
Let me stop there. Thank you, Madam President.