Ambassador Haley on the Adoption of a Security Council Presidential Statement on Allegations of Slavery in Libya

December 7, 2017


Today, the UN Security Council adopted a Presidential Statement on reports of migrants being sold into slavery in Libya. The United States strongly supports this action by the Council to call attention to these alleged atrocities, investigate the perpetrators, and care for the victims. The United States denounces modern slavery in all its forms and will continue to work with the international community to eradicate it from the globe.

“It’s critical for the Security Council ‎to speak up when human rights abuses threaten the lives of innocent civilians. Reports that people escaping violence are being sold into slavery in Libya are horrifying. All countries must do everything they can to end this barbaric practice. Until that time, those committing these unspeakable crimes must be brought to justice, and the victims must be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve,” said Ambassador Haley.