Ambassador Nikki Haley Delivers Remarks at a UN Security Council Meeting on the Humanitarian Situation in Syria


“This Council is in a position to chart a different course for the children of Syria and give them the future they dream of and that they deserve. Ultimately, the best and only way to truly support these kids is by ending the conflict and getting them the assistance they need. Unfortunately, delivery of humanitarian aid continues to be blocked by the government. The regime continues to put up bureaucratic roadblocks to the delivery of life-saving food and medicine. No one is fooled by the games they are playing. They are making the choice to starve their own people for political gain and are being supported by Iran as Russia looks the other way. The message I took to the refugees I visited with last week was that the United States will never give up working to ease their suffering. But we have to be honest: what they want – what they need – is to return home. But they will never have a home to return to until there is peace in Syria. In addition to the political solution, we must start to focus on the development needs of host countries, as well as the transition for Syrians to go home.”

Ambassador Nikki Haley