Explanation of Position at a Third Committee Meeting on the Special Session of the General Assembly Against Corruption

Mordica Simpson
ECOSOC Advisor
United States
New York City
November 20, 2018


The United States strongly supports efforts to combat corruption. In this regard, we would like to underscore the leading role of the Conference of States Parties of the UN Convention against Corruption within the UN and in global efforts to prevent and combat corruption.

The UNCAC has nearly universal adherence and a wide scope of application. It provides an effective framework to prevent and criminalize corruption. It offers legal bases for international cooperation to support the investigation and prosecution of crimes covered by the Convention, including for extradition, mutual legal assistance, and confiscation and asset recovery, and it provides effective mechanisms that should be further implemented and utilized in practice.

The United States looks forward to preparing for the General Assembly Special Session on corruption through the Conference of States Parties of the UNCAC. The UNCAC should serve as the foundation for the Special Session, which should focus on strengthening the Convention’s effective implementation.