Explanation of Position on a General Assembly Resolution on Cooperation between the United Nations and the Economic Cooperation Organization

John Aiello
U.S. Adviser to the Second Committee
New York, New York
August 25, 2023


The United States sincerely thanks Azerbaijan for its work in facilitating this resolution and is pleased to join consensus. We take this opportunity to clarify our position on several issues.

We underscore our position that trade language, negotiated or adopted by the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council or under their auspices, has no relevance for U.S. trade policy, for our trade obligations or commitments, or for the agenda at the World Trade Organization, including discussions or negotiations in that forum. While the UN and WTO share common interests, they have different roles, rules, and memberships.

The United States disassociates from OP37 on reconstruction and development in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s repressive policies exacerbate the challenges facing the people of Afghanistan and limit the ability of aid organizations to reach vulnerable communities. Supporting the Afghan people, including by helping to address Afghanistan’s ongoing economic and humanitarian crises, is an urgent priority for the United States.

With those clarifications, the United States is pleased to join consensus on the resolution.