Explanation of Position on a Second Committee Resolution on Agriculture Development, Food Security and Nutrition

Faith Kroeker-Maus
U.S. Adviser for the Second Committee
New York, New York
November 22, 2023


Thank you, Mr. Chair. And thank you to the facilitator for successfully shepherding this resolution.

The United States is pleased to join consensus on this resolution. The world continues to grapple with a global food insecurity crisis, and we know what must be done. First, we must provide emergency food aid to the vulnerable populations who need it. And second, we must strengthen global food systems to become more resistant, sustainable, and able to withstand shocks.

Since January 2021, the United States has provided more than $17.5 billion to combat hunger and strengthen food security worldwide. We are consistently the largest contributor to the World Food Program, providing more than half of all contributions. But the current crisis is one that no individual country or even group of countries can solve alone.

According to the latest report on the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, over 700 million people suffered from hunger in 2022. It is estimated that 600 million people will continue to suffer from hunger in 2030, 23 million more people than if President Putin had not launched his full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Russia’s actions – including its destructive attacks on Ukraine’s ports and grain infrastructure and threats against commercial shipping in the Black Sea since its unilateral and callous withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative in July – have exacerbated global food insecurity and will have negative ramifications for global food systems resiliency.

We are disappointed that this resolution does not recognize Russia’s war against Ukraine as one of the major drivers of global food insecurity. We once again call on Russia to cease hostilities, withdraw its troops from the entire territory of Ukraine, and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. This action is essential to achieving the SDGs and ending global hunger.

As always, we refer you to our General Statement delivered on November 9th, 2023, and to the long-form version of the statement posted online, for additional details on our position regarding trade, technology transfer, debt relief and the independence of international financial institutions.

And finally, the U.S. delegation would like to wish all of our 2C colleagues a very happy Thanksgiving.