Explanation of Position on the Adoption of Impact of Rapid Technological Change on the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

Thomas J. Leiby
Advisor for Economic and Social Affairs
New York, New York
August 17, 2021


Thank you, Madam President.

The United States is pleased to join consensus on this resolution and appreciates Mexico’s efforts to facilitate it. We would like to share our views as they pertain to this resolution.

The United States disassociates from PP13 to the extent that the paragraph promotes technology transfer or distribution of intellectual property rights that is not both voluntary and on mutually agreed terms.  The United States firmly considers that strong protection and enforcement of intellectual property provides critical incentives needed to drive the innovation that will address the health, environmental, and development challenges of today and tomorrow.  The United States understands, with respect to this declaration in general and PP13 in particular, that references to dissemination of technology and transfer of, or access to, technology are to voluntary technology transfer on mutually agreed terms, and that all references to access to information and/or knowledge are to information or knowledge that is made available with the authorization of the legitimate holder. The United States underscores the importance of regulatory and legal environments that support innovation.  The language in PP13 concerning technology transfer, does not, from the U.S. perspective, serve as a precedent for future negotiated documents.

The United States understands the reference to “the right to privacy” in OP4 to refer to the right not to be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with one’s privacy as set forth in Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

In OP8, the United States does not consider the list of specific platforms, technologies, or goals as comprehensive, nor do we believe it accurately describes the priorities of the international community as highlighted elsewhere in this resolution.

Thank you.