Explanation of Vote at the UN Security Council Adoption of the 751 Somalia Sanctions Regime

Ambassador Robert Wood
Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs
New York, New York
November 17, 2022


Thank you, Madam President. The United States is pleased to vote in favor of the extension of the Somalia Panel of Experts mandate and the renewal of the arms embargo, travel ban, and asset freeze measures for a further 12 months. We welcome the Federal Government of Somalia’s commendable progress on weapons and stockpile management. The modifications in this resolution reflect that significant progress. We hope that such progress continues, which would allow for the further easing of the arms embargo.

The sanctions regime adopted today is tailored to the Somali context to support and enable robust action by the Federal Government of Somalia through its three-part strategy to combat al-Shabaab in conjunction with its partnership and collaboration with the international community to deprive al-Shabaab of resources, thwart the group’s exploitation of the financial system, curb its terror activities, and address the underlying drivers of the longstanding conflict in Somalia.

We urge all UN Member States to implement existing Security Council Resolution 751 concerning Al-Shabaab including measures to help curb al-Shabaab’s ability to access funds, weapons, and other support it needs to carry out attacks, while supporting Somalia’s security and police institutions with the resources they need to combat terrorism and secure their citizens.

We further urge all UN Member States to support designations of individuals, groups, and their supporters in the Security Council Committee pursuant to Resolution 751 concerning Al-Shabaab. These designations demonstrate that the international community will support accountability and end impunity for those who undermine peace and security in Somalia. We are committed to the Somali people and will continue to work closely with the Federal Government of Somalia, fellow Council members, and all stakeholders to facilitate peace for the country and the region. Thank you, Madam President.