Explanation of Vote Following the Adoption of a UN Security Council Resolution Renewing the Mandate of UNITAMS

Ambassador Robert Wood
Alternate U.S. Representative for Special Political Affairs
New York, New York
June 2, 2023


Thank you, Madam President.

The United States is grateful the Security Council renewed the mandate for another six months. We voted in favor of the resolution to express our strong support for SRSG Volker Perthes and the entire mission.

We strongly regret that this Council was unable to find consensus on an updated mandate which is needed now more than ever. We put forth common sense recommendations for the mandate to report on the ongoing conflict and support efforts to cease the hostilities. However, other members of the Council did not agree despite the drastically changed and catastrophic circumstances.

We hope that the Council can come together in the months ahead and agree on a resolution that more accurately reflects the situation on the ground and empowers the mission to better support an end to the conflict, protection of human rights, unhindered humanitarian assistance, and the resumption of a process to achieve a democratic political settlement in Sudan.

Thank you, Madam President.