Explanation of Vote Following the Adoption of a UN Security Council Resolution Renewing the Sudan Panel of Experts Mandate

John Kelley
Political Counselor
New York, New York
March 8, 2023


Thank you, Mr. President.

The United States wishes to thank Council members for their constructive engagement on the resolution to renew the UN Panel of Experts’ mandate. The text adopted today incorporates the views of all Council members following nearly two months of consultations and negotiations. The Panel of Experts continues to play a critical role in reporting on conflict and promoting peace in Darfur, and we welcome the extension of its mandate for a further 12 months.

Council members, we believe this resolution will facilitate further progress in Sudan, not only by providing crucial insight on implementation of the arms embargo and ongoing security concerns, but also by highlighting the progress we hope Sudan will make on political and security commitments in Darfur.

The situation in Darfur remains extremely fragile. The fundamental causes of the conflict persist, proliferation of small arms and light weapons continues, and the Sudanese authorities are often unable to provide security for civilians. Robust monitoring and reporting by the Panel of Experts therefore remains essential.

The resolution we have adopted today establishes realistic, achievable, and relevant benchmarks to advance peace and security in Darfur. These benchmarks are anchored in commitments the Government of Sudan made in the Juba Peace Agreement and National Action Plan for Protection of Civilians. Progress in these areas would move Sudan and its people towards the peace and prosperity they deserve.

We remain committed to the Sudanese people and will continue to work closely with the Government of Sudan, fellow Council members, and all stakeholders to facilitate peace for the country and the region.

And I thank you, Mr. President.