Explanation of Vote on a Russia Drafted UN Security Council Resolution on the Situation in the Middle East

Ambassador Robert Wood
Alternative Representative for Special Political Affairs
New York, New York
October 25, 2023


Thank you, Mr. President.

I’ll keep this short because, frankly, it’s not worth wasting any more time discussing Russia’s bad faith resolution.

Colleagues, the United States could not support yet another Russian resolution that was put forward with no consultation, that failed to reflect the realities on the ground.

It is disappointing that Russia would rather try and score political points and further divide this Council than address the current urgent needs of Israelis and Palestinians.

We all see that Russia is doing nothing to engage any of the relevant parties or support diplomatic efforts – including by the United Nations – to get more aid into Gaza.

We’ll say this again: the United States stands ready to work with all Member States that are genuinely committed to advancing peace and security.

We must put the interests of the region and the world above all else.

Thank you, Mr. President.