Explanation of Vote on a Second Committee Resolution on the Oil Slick on Lebanese Shores

Jason Lawrence
U.S. Adviser to the Second Committee
New York, New York
November 10, 2022


We recently welcomed the historic and difficult decision made by Israel and Lebanon to agree on a maritime boundary. This agreement will unlock benefits for both countries and is the type of engagement and agreement we should be encouraging here at the UN. Rather than focusing on such progress, here in New York, the same worn and patently unfair resolutions are voted each year.

The United States remains disappointed that this body has again taken up this unbalanced resolution that is unfairly critical of Israel, demonstrating a clear and persistent institutional bias directed at one Member State. One-sided resolutions like those introduced here today only distract from efforts to advance peace.

The United States will continue to oppose every effort to delegitimize Israel. As such, the United States will once again vote against this one-sided resolution and hope other Members will join us in voting “no.”