Explanation of Vote on a Third Committee Resolution on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions

Sofija Korac
Adviser to the Third Committee
New York, New York
November 11, 2022


The United States extends its thanks to Finland, on behalf of the Nordic countries, for facilitating this important text on extrajudicial, summary, or arbitrary executions and especially for the many hours they spent both inside and outside the negotiating room.

In particular, we welcome the strengthening or retention of references to linkages between arbitrary deprivation of life and systemic discrimination, such as gender-based and racial discrimination, and the disproportionate targeting of Indigenous women and girls; women and girls with disabilities; and those targeted for their sexual orientation or gender identity. We also welcome the language on new technologies and the link to persons with disabilities.

While the resolution addresses a number of important issues, the United States continues to have concerns regarding the language related to the use of force and the application of international humanitarian law in addition to other legal concerns. Further clarification of those concerns will be articulated in the U.S. General Statement, available on the website of the U.S. Mission to the UN and submitted for the record to the UN.

The United States regrets that this resolution has once again been put to a vote. This is an issue that should enjoy consensus in this committee. The United States will once again vote “yes” on this resolution and encourages all others to do so.

Thank you.