Explanation of Vote on Nine Amendments to a Third Committee Resolution on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls

Sofija Korac
Adviser to the Third Committee
New York, New York
November 10, 2022


Thank you so much.

The United States wants to sincerely thank both the delegations of France and The Netherlands for their transparent, inclusive and open process, which spanned over more than 20 hours of negotiations. The co-facilitators not only heard delegations in the room but engaged extensively in bilateral and small group discussions. To this end, the United States is very disappointed that some delegations decided to table nine amendments on issues that were thoroughly discussed throughout the negotiations process — issues based largely on agreed language and elements that are critical to the core of this resolution. The facilitators tabled a final text that reflected a fair balance of views in the room while also advancing the text on issues that are relevant to addressing the root causes of eliminating violence against all women and girls. These amendments are not in the spirit of good faith and attempt to undermine an otherwise transparent process. The United States will be voting against all of these amendments and ask that all other delegations vote “no” as well.