Explanation of Vote on the Adoption of the UN Security Council Mandate Renewal of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur

Michael Barkin
Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York, New York
October 31, 2019


Thank you, Mr. President, Ambassador Heusgen, and Ambassador Allen.

We are grateful to the United Kingdom and Germany for their leadership in producing a mandate that supports the civilian-led transitional Government of Sudan, as it works to form inclusive peace agreements and bolster democratic governance.

As we look to the successful conclusion of the peace process in Sudan, the United States fully expects this to be UNAMID’s final extension, barring extraordinary circumstances and subject to review of this Council. We have been working toward responsibly drawing down this mission since 2017, and we believe it is still in the interest of Sudan to do so within the next year. The United States supports a follow-on UN mission with a country-wide mandate to continue assistance to the new Sudanese government following UNAMID’s conclusion. This final mandate reiterates UNAMID’s core missions to support the peace process and peacebuilding, and to protect civilians.

Furthermore, UNAMID’s role remains central to the facilitation of peaceful political solutions, and to the full inclusion of the views of women leaders and civilians. This mandate affirms the continued importance of this role. Sudan has a historic opportunity to foster lasting peace, and we are ready to support the Sudanese people and their government.

The United States calls on all parties to fully and actively participate in the peace process, and to honor the commitments they make in that process. To be clear, this is only the beginning of the long road to stability, security, and democratic governance in Sudan. There must also be follow through. We value the role that the UN, the African Union, Ethiopia, and other international partners play in supporting stability and a smooth political transition in Sudan.
This mandate clearly represents the international community’s support for that transition; it offers needed support to the new government as it focuses on addressing insecurity, enabling unfettered humanitarian access, and the protection of civilians.

We look forward to the Secretary-General’s next report, which will outline steps to fully draw down UNAMID and propose a follow-on international presence.

Thank you.