Explanation of Vote on the Resolution on the Economic and Social Repercussions of the Israeli Occupation on the Living Conditions of the Palestinian

Jason Mack
Counselor for Economic and Social Affairs
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York, New York
September 14, 2020


The United States is disappointed yet again at the presentation of a one-sided and biased resolution, which we cannot support. The resolution before us, during this 2021 ECOSOC session, is virtually identical to those previously considered by ECOSOC – its deficiencies should be well known to this body by now.

We remain very concerned about the decidedly one-sided bias against Israel that still exists within the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council. This resolution, like others before it, as well as the accompanying report, do nothing to advance the aspirations of the Palestinians and Israelis for a more secure, peaceful, and prosperous future. The resolution and the report are unbalanced, and unfairly single out Israel in a forum that is not intended to be politicized.

The only realistic path to end this conflict is through negotiations aimed at achieving a comprehensive and lasting peace. Biased and counterproductive resolutions and reports like these have no place in our discourse. Rather than perpetuating politicized resolutions and reports such as this, the international community should rally around productive and tangible efforts that improve the situation on the ground.

For example, the historic Abraham Accords breakthrough is the most significant step toward peace in the Middle East in over 25 years. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the first Arab state to recognize Israel since the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty was signed on October 26, 1994; and just last week, the Kingdom of Bahrain joined the UAE in establishing full diplomatic relations with Israel. The countries have committed to the exchange of embassies and ambassadors, and have begun cooperation in a broad range of fields including education, healthcare, trade, and security. Expanded business and financial ties between these thriving economies will accelerate growth and economic opportunity across the Middle East. The deal provides a foundation for further advances toward regional peace in the future. The Accords will allow further exploration of the U.S. Vision for Peace which lays out a comprehensive, fair, realistic and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians and in the region.

The United States stands ready to help promote economic security. The United States will work with all parties to improve conditions and promote the cause of peace, but resolutions such as this do nothing to improve the situation. As such, we have no choice but to vote against this resolution.