Explanation of Vote on the Resolution on the Situation of and Assistance to Palestinian Women

Jason Mack
Counselor for Economic and Social Affairs
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York, New York
September 14, 2020


The United States wishes to underscore our longstanding concerns about this resolution, presented again at the 2021 ECOSOC session, and our continued opposition to it.

We remain troubled at this body’s insistence on including political elements and one-sided condemnations that detract from the real challenges at hand. This Council needs to refocus its energy toward shared goals, as this resolution is unhelpful to all involved. Politicizing these issues brings into question the impartiality of assistance that so many provide to assist Palestinian women.

We remain concerned about the humanitarian situation in Gaza, including reports that Hamas authorities have undertaken efforts to limit women’s ability to appear in public and to move freely. We are also concerned that punishment of women for so-called “ethical” crimes continues unchecked.

The United States continues to pursue the path that the President set out in January when presenting the U.S. Vision for Peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The only realistic path to end this conflict is through negotiations aimed at achieving a comprehensive and lasting peace. Politicized efforts in international and multilateral fora will do nothing to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We will continue to advance efforts to create a brighter and more prosperous future for all.