Escort Screening Courtesies

“78th UNGA Briefing Book” (PDF 12 MB)    “78th UNGA Arrivals Departure Briefing” (PDF 6 MB)


(Request for Facilitation on Departure)

The AESC program is used to apply for airport courtesies during domestic and international departures.


Under the Airport Escort Screening Courtesies program (AESC), qualifying foreign officials can be assigned a Department of State Airport Escort Officer who is authorized to assist dignitaries with departure(s) from certain airports in the United States.

Foreign officials who are the functional equivalents of United States Cabinet-level officials are eligible for the services provided under the AESC program when they are not escorted by the U.S. Secret Service, Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service, or other recognized U.S. government protective details. The dignitary’s spouse and children under the age of 12 may also receive services under the AESC program when accompanying the dignitary.


Updates or changes in departure itinerary must be initiated as soon as possible, and a new updated request AESC form must be sent via email to both the US Mission and Washington directly at the following email address:

The updated request should include the statement “update of itinerary” in the subject line. It is strongly recommended that the departure details are also included in the body of the email as well.