Press Release: Ambassador Haley on a More Efficient UN Peacekeeping Budget and Other UN Reforms

July 5, 2018


Today, United Nations Member States adopted a responsible peacekeeping budget that reflects hundreds of millions of dollars in savings from the previous year and ensures peacekeeping missions are adequately funded to fulfill their mandates. The Member States also approved two major reform overhauls to UN management and UN peace and security, introduced by the UN Secretary-General. These major reforms, the first in more than 40 years, will result in a restructuring that cuts through silos and UN bureaucracy, increases commonsense UN coordination, removes redundancies, and ultimately makes the UN a more accountable, transparent, and efficient organization.

“The new UN peacekeeping budget is a responsible reduction in spending. We’re grateful for Secretary-General Guterres’ leadership on UN reform and for the support of Member States in moving these necessary reforms forward. The world needs a UN that is disciplined, efficient, accountable, and results-driven. With these reforms come opportunities to finally bring the UN into the 21st century, get rid of things that aren’t working, and help the UN work smarter,” said Ambassador Haley.

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