Press Release: Ambassador Haley on the Arrival of U.S. Cranes in Yemen

January 15, 2018


Thanks to the efforts of U.S. government agencies, the UN World Food Program, the Coalition, and aid organizations on the ground in Yemen, the ship carrying four U.S.-supported cranes has successfully reached its destination at the port of Hudaydah. These mobile cranes will improve the port’s capacity for offloading critical supplies, like food and medicine, for the Yemeni people.

“No one should ever have to live the way the people of Yemen are living. We thank our partners who helped us make this delivery possible so that we can help the tens of millions of innocent people who wake up each day facing hunger and disease. We call on all sides of the conflict to allow full access for humanitarian and commercial supplies, including fuel, by keeping the country’s ports open and allowing humanitarian agencies to deliver aid without interference,” said Ambassador Haley.