Press Release: Ambassador Haley on the Latest Iranian Misbehavior

New York City
August 31, 2017


On Tuesday, August 28, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas announced that it had restored relations with Iran. Hamas’ leader cited Tehran as the terrorist organization’s largest backer both financially and militarily in its fight against Israel. Although Iran’s support for terrorism is not new, this is nonetheless a stunning admission. Under UN Security Council Resolution 2231, Iran is prohibited from exporting any and all arms absent Security Council approval. That same UNSCR 2231 embraced the JCPOA, the nuclear deal with Iran.

“Once again, Iran is showing its true colors. Iran must decide whether it wants to be a member of the community of nations that can be expected to take its international obligations seriously or whether it wants to be the leader of a jihadist terrorist movement. It cannot be both. It’s long past time for the international community to hold Iran to the same standard that all countries who actually value peace and security are held to,” said Ambassador Haley.

This development comes after an Iranian government spokesperson this week called the United States’ comments on International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to Iranian military sites “merely a dream.” In fact, under the JCPOA and the Additional Protocol, the IAEA is permitted to seek access to any location in Iran, including military-affiliated sites, where the IAEA has questions about possible nuclear-related activities. The Additional Protocol is in force in 129 countries; these inspection authorities are not unique, new, or up for debate. If the IAEA were to seek access to Iranian military sites to verify Iran’s nuclear declaration, Iran must follow the unambiguous access provisions of its IAEA safeguards agreement, the Additional Protocol, and the JCPOA.

“If inspections of Iranian military sites are ‘merely a dream,’ as Iran says, then Iranian compliance with the JCPOA is also a dream,” said Ambassador Haley.