Press Release: Ambassador Haley on Weapons of Iranian Origin Used in Attack on Saudi Arabia

November 7, 2017


Saudi Arabia recently released information regarding a ballistic missile launched by the Houthis into Saudi Arabia in July 2017. The information shows that the missile was an‎ Iranian Qiam – a type of weapon that had not been present in Yemen before the conflict, constituting violations of UN Security Council Resolutions 2216 and 2231. We encourage the United Nations and international partners to take necessary action to hold the Iranian regime accountable for these violations. This follows Saudi Arabia’s claim that it intercepted a separate Houthi-launched missile, shot down over Riyadh on November 4, that may also be of Iranian origin.

“Saudi Arabia’s announcement confirms once again the Iranian regime’s complete disregard for its international obligations. By providing these types of weapons to the Houthi militias in Yemen, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp‎s is violating two UN resolutions simultaneously. We encourage the release of any information that will help to hold Iran accountable for its support of violence and terrorism in the region and the world. The United States is committed to containing Iran’s destabilizing actions and will not turn a blind eye to these serious violations of international law by the Iranian regime,” said Ambassador Haley.