Press Release: Ambassador Nikki Haley on the Failure of Talks between the Venezuelan Opposition and Maduro Regime

February 8, 2018


Yesterday, the Venezuelan opposition announced that their negotiations with the government ended without agreement on a way to end the country’s worsening political crisis. The opposition rejected a draft proposal by the Maduro regime that did not include even the most basic elements for guaranteeing credible elections.

“The Venezuelan opposition stood strong for their democracy. The Maduro regime’s proposed agreement was not serious, and it’s clear the government never had any intention of negotiating in good faith or allowing the Venezuelan people the free and fair elections they want and deserve. This sham proposal is just the latest example of the lengths Maduro will go to destroy Venezuela’s democracy. We will continue to support the Venezuelan people’s right to shape the destiny of their country and have their voices heard,” said Ambassador Haley.