Press Release: Ambassador Nikki Haley’s Statement on Burma Blocking United Nations Human Rights Fact-Finding Mission

New York City
July 10, 2017


Recently, Burmese officials announced their government would deny visas to members of a human rights fact-finding mission, established by the Human Rights Council earlier this year, to investigate human rights violations committed by security forces in Burma.

“No one should face discrimination or violence because of their ethnic background or religious beliefs. It is important that the Burmese government allow this fact-finding mission to do its job. The international community cannot overlook what is happening in Burma – we must stand together and call on the government to fully cooperate with this fact-finding mission.”

Violence in Rakhine State against ethnic and religious communities continues to claim lives. In addition, there are allegations of sexual violence against women and children. The total number of victims will be unknown unless the fact-finding mission is allowed to proceed. However, the UN estimates that more than 90,000 Rohingya have been forced to flee their homes in northern Rakhine State since last October.