Press Release: Statement by Ambassador Kelly Craft

December 3, 2019

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we celebrate the progress we have made in advancing the human rights of all persons with disabilities and mainstreaming disability rights across the UN, from increasing physical accessibility at UN headquarters to reforming humanitarian support mechanisms. Our work is far from done, and our efforts will continue until no person with a disability is marginalized or excluded.

The United States is proud of our role in negotiating and passing Security Council Resolution 2475 on the situation of persons with disabilities in armed conflict. Armed conflict and violence disproportionally affect persons with disabilities, putting them at greater risk of losing access to basic services such as water, sanitation, food, and shelter. Security Council Resolution 2475 provides for data collection and capacity building in this area, calls for the meaningful participation and leadership of persons with disabilities during all stages of conflict, and for the meaningful participation of persons with disabilities within the Security Council’s work. We are grateful to the delegation of Poland for championing this effort during their time on the Council and look forward to continuing to ensure that the Council and the UN System implement all the provisions of 2475.

In another measure of progress, the United States took action this year to endorse the Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, developed in 2016 in advance of the World Humanitarian Summit. The Charter sets forth a global agenda to make humanitarian actions more receptive to the needs of persons with disabilities. Through endorsing the Charter and co-sponsoring Resolution 2475, the United States is reaffirming its commitment to promote the rights of persons with disabilities around the world.

The United States remains committed to promoting and protecting the human rights of all persons with disabilities. Today we call on all member states to multiply their efforts in continuing to fully mainstream the rights of persons with disabilities, across the UN and the world.