Remarks at a Side Event on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Settings: Delivering Life-Saving Care During Emergencies

S. Douglas Bunch
Public Delegate
New York, New York
October 18, 2022


Thanks for having us here today. We’ve heard from the practitioners how much work they’re doing on the ground and what value they’re adding, and I want them to know how heroic we think their work is. It’s clear that they’re models of resilience, and we see that in the circumstances under which they’re joining us today — they’re speaking about losing power, they’re speaking about bombs raining down, and nonetheless they’re doing their work, and we find that very inspiring. Thank you for educating us. You are inspiring us today by joining us.

I’ll just add a couple of questions to the questions that have already been posed. First, we’re curious to know what local community support has been like. When you collaborate within your communities, who do you call? Who do you reach out to?

Second, some of you have spoken about supply chain issues, I’m curious to know more about what those are and what you’ve done to address them.

Thank you again for being here and for educating us. It’s clear that what you’re describing here today is as much an urgent call for international support as it is a moment to shine a spotlight on what works and best practices. We appreciate you sharing.