Remarks at a Third Committee Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons

Nicholas Hill
Deputy U.S. Representative to ECOSOC
New York, New York
October 27, 2021


Let me start with a question for the Special Rapporteur. Your report states that members of historically marginalized groups are at heightened risk for trafficking in persons. What are best practices to ensure effective prevention, assistance, and protection measures for those individuals?

Trafficking in persons is a global crisis that the United States is committed to addressing both at home and abroad.

The Special Rapporteur notes that racism and discrimination against minority groups, including gender discrimination, are among the root causes of trafficking in persons. The Biden Administration is committed to addressing these root causes by working with underserved and historically marginalized communities.

The Administration established a task force and community response plans to address the increased risk of trafficking for indigenous communities and plans to strengthen the U.S. National Action Plan on Trafficking in Persons by integrating our commitments to gender and racial equality.