Remarks at a Third Committee Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar

Ambassador Larry Dinger
Senior Area Advisor for East Asia and the Pacific
New York, New York
October 22, 2021


The United States expresses its deep appreciation for the Special Rapporteur’s report and the attention it draws to the ongoing human rights abuses and atrocities committed by the Myanmar military.

The human rights situation is worsening across the country. The military is escalating violence against the people of Myanmar and reportedly employing torture and other human rights violations and abuses against members of civil society, journalists, and human rights defenders to suppress peaceful opposition to its rule.

We echo the Special Rapporteur’s assessment that a stronger international response is necessary. We urge the international community to act collectively to pressure the military to cease violence, release all those unjustly detained, address human rights abuses, and restore Myanmar’s democratic transition.

We urge Member States to take concrete actions in this regard, including imposing comprehensive economic sanctions and preventing the transfer of arms and dual-use technology to the military.

Question: How can the international community further support the pro-democracy movement?