Remarks at a Third Committee Interactive Dialogue with UNODC

Eric Merron
U.S. Adviser for the Third Committee
New York, New York
October 2, 2023


Thank you, Chair.

We thank the UN Office on Drugs and Crime for their work. We are a proud and active member of both the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. We are a strong supporter of UNODC’s programming to counter illicit drugs, including synthetic drugs, respond to their public health impacts, and address transnational organized crime and corruption around the world.

Illicitly manufactured synthetic drugs are a critical threat to global health, public safety, and international security. This year we launched a Global Coalition to Address Synthetic Drug Threats, and we are proud that 109 countries have joined this Coalition.

Cybercrime is a direct threat to our collective security, and addressing this threat is a priority for the United States. We will continue to work toward achieving a fair and practical criminal justice instrument that protects human rights, while also preserving an interoperable, secure, and reliable internet.

Corruption undermines good governance and threatens democratic values. In December, we will host the 10th session of the UN Convention against Corruption Conference of the States Parties. This Conference will mark the 20th Anniversary of the UN Convention Against Corruption.

The transnational criminal threats we face are grave, complex, and interrelated. Preventing and combating transnational organized crime, corruption, and drug threats are efforts that require global action.

Our question is: What are the best practices for engaging non-governmental stakeholders, in particular social media and technology companies, in combatting illicit synthetic drugs?

Thank you.