Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on Sudan

Ambassador Richard Mills
Deputy U.S. Representative to the United Nations
New York, New York
May 24, 2022


I will now make a statement in my capacity as the Representative of the United States.

First, thank you, SRSG Perthes for your comprehensive briefing. We commend the efforts by you and your team supporting the people of Sudan and their aspirations to restore a civilian-led transition to democracy. Also, let me take a minute to welcome to new permanent representative of Sudan to the Security Council; Ambassador Mohammed, you are very, very welcome.

The United States fully supports the renewal of UNITAMS’ mandate so the mission can continue to serve its vital role in furthering peace, security, and stability. Today, I would like to discuss three key issues for the United States in Sudan: the transition to democracy, the release of political prisoners, and support to the Sudanese people.

First, the United States is closely following and fully supports the collaborative efforts of UNITAMS, the African Union, and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development to facilitate a Sudanese-led process to transition to a fully civilian-led democracy. We strongly encourage the Sudanese people – civilians and military personnel alike – to use this process to make rapid progress on the framework for a civilian-led transitional government. We are encouraged by the outreach and progress that we have seen so far.

As this process gains momentum, as others have said, we must make sure that women, youth, and members of other marginalized groups enjoy full, effective, and meaningful participation and inclusion throughout every stage of the process. That is the hallmark of a true democracy. And including women makes it more likely that the transition will be peaceful.

We are hopeful that the tripartite-facilitated dialogue will succeed – and soon. The transfer of power to a civilian-led government will enable the resumption of international financial support and development assistance – support that is desperately needed. To make sure that progress happens, and that the people of Sudan are well-served, we are prepared to levy consequences on those who impede or otherwise spoil Sudan’s transition to democracy.

Second, while we welcome the recent release of some political prisoners, the United States reiterates its call for an immediate end to unjust detentions of civil society activists, politicians, journalists, cultural figures, and humanitarian workers. Lifting the state of emergency and ending the use of violence against protesters would send a strong signal to the Sudanese people that the authorities are serious about good governance.

Third and finally, while progress is made toward the election of a civilian-led government, the United States will continue to support the Sudanese people. The continued violence throughout Sudan demonstrates the urgent need for protection of civilians. Sudan needs security sector reform, robust international monitoring and reporting mechanisms, and comprehensive, inclusive, and transparent transitional justice processes – including accountability.

And in the meantime, the United States will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the Sudanese people and support for civil society. In conclusion, we stand with the Sudanese people in their pursuit of a democratic, human rights-respecting, and prosperous Sudan. We will continue to add our voice to bolster theirs and take action to help them create a peaceful, democratic Sudan.

Thank you.