Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on Sudan

Trina Saha
Acting Political Minister Counselor
New York, New York
June 21, 2022


Thank you, Madam President. And I’d like to thank the Ambassador for his useful quarterly update on 1591 Committee activities.

The United States would like to reiterate its full support for the Sudanese-led political process to resolve the crisis following the October 2021 military takeover. We fully endorse the facilitation of this process by UNITAMS, the African Union, and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development to resolve the crisis.

The United States stands with the Sudanese people in their pursuit of a democratic, human rights-respecting, and prosperous Sudan. Progress in Darfur is inextricably linked to the reestablishment of a civilian-led transitional government, yet the situation in Darfur remains volatile and dangerous. Increased violence has exacerbated the dire humanitarian situation on the ground and endangers the prospects of the Juba Peace Agreement to contribute effectively to a sustainable peace in Darfur. Concrete steps are also needed to ensure justice and accountability for the victims in Darfur and the Two Areas. Transparent and inclusive transitional justice processes are essential components of any durable peace in Darfur.

We condemn the increased violence and its impact on civilians, including the most recent violence in West Darfur, which led to the displacement of an estimated 125,000 people. This is simply unacceptable. An urgent investigation must identify and hold accountable those responsible. These troubling events demonstrate the urgent need for protection of civilians, inclusive security sector reform, and the establishment of robust international monitoring and reporting mechanisms. Sudanese authorities are responsible for civilian security in the region and must address the root causes of violence.

Unfortunately, implementation of the JPA is significantly behind schedule. We note the modest progress made so far, including operationalizing the Permanent Ceasefire Committee and ongoing steps to deploy the joint security-keeping force in Darfur. Delays in implementing the JPA contribute to insecurity. We therefore call on the Sudanese authorities and relevant armed movement signatories to redouble their efforts. JPA signatories must bring back their fighters from abroad and engage in Sudan’s disarmament, demobilization and reintegration process.

Ambassador, the United States supports the Sudan Panel of Experts’ recommendation for the Sudanese government to establish the DDR Commission with branch offices in the five States of Darfur and to provide the commission with adequate capacity and resources. We are committed to continuing close collaboration within the Security Council, with UNITAMS, and with the AU and with other key stakeholders to promote peace and security in Darfur. Thank you.