Remarks at a UN Security Council Press Stakeout following the Adoption of the December Program of Work

Ambassador Kelly Craft
Permanent Representative
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York, New York
December 2, 2019


Good morning, everyone! Happy December.

So we just adopted our Program of Work this morning [background chatter]. So this morning we had our breakfast for the presidency [inaudible] we adopted out Program of Work.

Our main theme that we all agree upon is there is no place like home for the holidays. So we want to be able to make certain that everyone gets home for the Dec. 20th, which is our goal.

But, my theme will be a credible Council and I think it’s really important to expound upon Ambassador Pierce’s presidency the month of November that she really held people accountable for their engagement, their remarks, because you know even though we are speaking to one another in the open chamber we are speaking to the world. And I think it’s really important and that we owe it as a moral obligation not only to speak about topics that are relevant but to have an outcome. So, you know, I plan on reflecting on the last 11 months and what did we do that was positive. How can we improve upon areas of the, you know, the revolving topics and really make it give us more credibility. I think that’s really important.

And then, I just gave them just a little glimpse into what we are going to be doing off premises. Which we are going to be traveling to D.C. on Thursday for lunch with the President, so we’re very excited about that. And I’m really excited about briefing you all on Friday at our formal press conference, so thank you so much and have a great day today. Thanks.

Question: [Inaudible…] Where are you going to be going in Kentucky?

Ambassador Craft: We are going to be going to Lexington. We are going to be going to Frankfort, Kentucky first for a dinner and then Lexington, Kentucky for the weekend.

Question : [Inaudible]

Ambassador Craft: No, not Glasgow. Glasgow is my hometown.

Question: How long are you in Kentucky?

Ambassador Craft: Two days, well two and a half days

Question: So Lexington for a day and then Frankfort [inaudible]..?

Ambassador Craft: Well, well Friday evening dinner in Frankfort Kentucky at the governor’s mansion. Saturday we will be having our sofa talks and our informal meetings at Alltech and then we will all be enjoying a Kentucky basketball game after that and then dinner. And then Sunday, we will be going into the bourbon country into Frankfort to do a barrel pick. So we will be bottling our own bourbon, our own bottle of bourbon to bring back, so. Thank you all. Thanks.