Remarks at an Interactive Dialogue with an Independent Expert on the Rights of Older Persons

Daniel Murphy
U.S. Adviser for the Third Committee
New York, New York
September 29, 2022


Thank you. We thank the Independent Expert for her efforts to report on the inequality and abuses that older persons face and applaud the Independent Expert’s recommendations on pathways forward to stymie any future maltreatment of these communities.

We reflect on the past treatment of older persons and strive to identify systemic changes that can help members of this community. However, we must also outline innovative ways to address future problems instead of simply reflecting on past abuses.

The United States has enacted a law reauthorizing the Older Americans Act, promoting the dignity of older persons and enhancing their ability to remain independent and engaged in their communities.

Further, the United States supports programming that protects older persons against violence, abuse, discrimination, and inequality and ensures their access to healthcare, new technologies, education, and justice. These are fundamental liberties that Member States should afford all communities, no matter their age.

We must additionally learn from each other how to best care for those who have contributed to our societies and prevent future discrimination against them. Together, we should hold each other accountable to ensure that aging communities are represented and protected by every member state.

Independent Expert, how can we better understand the challenges that older persons face in fully accessing their human rights and fundamental freedoms?

Thank you.