Remarks at an OCHA Humanitarian Briefing on Haiti

Ambassador Elisabeth Millard
Acting Representative to the Economic and Social Council
New York, New York
March 10, 2021


Thank you to the organizers of this meeting and to the briefers for continuing to shine a light on the humanitarian needs in Haiti.

The United States is committed to the humanitarian cause in Haiti and around the world. Our commitment is evidenced in part by the fact that we remain the largest single donor of humanitarian assistance worldwide, and in Haiti.

We support OCHA’s work in Haiti in helping drive an evidence-based and collective understanding of the situation that informs humanitarian decisions, and for OCHA’s efforts to ensure that streamlined data and analysis is provided to inform a rapid, effective, and principled response.

In this context of multiple and protracted humanitarian needs, the United States is focused on helping maintain efficient humanitarian mechanisms in the country to avoid duplicating efforts, reinforce existing structures and Haitian government counterparts, as well as support linkages with the recovery and development sectors.

We believe it is critical in Haiti to enhance the connectivity and coherence between humanitarian and development work, based on the comparative advantage of diverse actors and in support of national and local capacities, towards collective outcomes that reduce risks, needs and vulnerability. Bruno, we appreciate all your efforts in this regard and welcome the fact that the nexus is priority number one in the 2021 Humanitarian Response Plan.

We will continue to stand by the vulnerable Haitians in need of humanitarian assistance.

Thank you.