Remarks at ECOSOC Coordination Segment: Reflections on the Work of ECOSOC Subsidiary Bodies

Nicholas M. Hill
Acting U.S. Representative to ECOSOC
New York, New York
February 4, 2022


We are pleased to be part of this first Coordination Segment to strengthen ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies to help it better deliver on its mandate.

This is more important than ever as we look to help countries recover from COVID-19 and get back on track to realizing long-term development goals.

However, ECOSOC must rationalize and prioritize its limited resources to address successfully the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and fulfill its work towards achieving the 2030 Agenda. We must make this body more relevant and effective for its Member States.

ECOSOC comprises 15 specialized agencies, eight functional commissions, and five regional commissions that cover diverse expertise and mandates. We must leverage these existing ECOSOC bodies and resources to achieve our shared goals rather than spend our time and resources on creating new ones. We must also clarify mandates and improve coordination among ECOSOC subsidiary bodies, segments, and fora to enable subsidiary bodies to focus on core tasks.

Meeting the ambition of the 2030 Agenda requires our commitment to the cross-cutting and foundational values that must be the core of sustainable development, including transparency, good governance and the rule of law by all stakeholders, including the UN. Corruption, whether within a government, business, or organization, takes away from public and private resources and stymies growth. We would like to see stronger transparency and oversight mechanisms, including whistle-blower protections, to ensure ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies operate with the highest possible ethical standards, and with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We also believe that diversity and inclusion is critical when developing policies and programs for sustainable development. The Regional Economic Commissions help ensure that regional perspectives are represented in ECOSOC’s work. We also urge ECOSOC to forge multisectoral partnerships with non-governmental organizations, civil society, and the private sector in the activities of ECOSOC and its functional commissions.

Inclusive and multistakeholder cooperation in the UN system is essential as we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and build back better.