Remarks at the ECOSOC High-level Political Forum on Turning the Tide, Regaining Lost Ground and Embarking on the Road to the SDGs

Jonathan Shrier
U.S. Deputy Representative for Economic and Social Affairs
New York, New York
July 13, 2023


Thank you Madam President, and thank you to the panelists for your important words.

The United States is committed to our relationships with partners and friends in African countries, LDCs, and LLDCs.

One way we demonstrate that commitment is through our dedication to the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, grounded in our determination to uphold the inherent dignity of every human being.

There are significant obstacles we must overcome to achieve the SDGs. The United States is proud to be the largest donor of Official Development Assistance, with $55 billion disbursed in 2022, but we know that more must be done to achieve the SDGs.

We are joining developing countries to invest in solutions for the future, including: clean energy that drives growth; vaccine manufacturing and distribution; multilateral agreements to protect our environment; sustainable infrastructure; and technology that helps governments make our citizens’ lives better.

Ultimately, the United States seeks to empower our partners, strengthen their capacity, and invest in our shared future.

The United States also wants to explore how to offer incentives and reduce investment risk in a way that will bring the private sector to the table. The private sector is uniquely positioned to offer the innovations, technologies, services, and finance instruments that support resilient infrastructure, water, health, and food security.

Other key success factors include: the use of public funds to catalyze and de-risk private investment and effective and transparent project management.

We look forward to working with partner countries, among African countries, the LDCs, and the LLDCs, the private sector, the UN system, and international financial institutions to deliver on our shared objectives.

Thank you.