Remarks at the UN Development Program Executive Board Regarding Gender Equality

Hector Brown
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York City
June 4, 2019


Thank you, Madam President.

The United States welcomes the Administrator’s report. I take the floor today to underscore the United States’ commitment to one of the most undervalued resources in the developing world – the talent, ambition, and genius of women – and to comment and encourage the important work UNDP has undertaken to empower women as a critical component of our collective approach to development.

UNDP works in areas that are shared priorities for the United States, including empowering women economically, combating violence against women and children, and promoting women’s role in decision-making processes, including during conflict and natural disasters. UNDP has identified concrete actions it will take to work towards these broad objectives, and we support those.

Along those lines, we support UNDP’s focus on empowering women, rather than simply viewing them as beneficiaries. We view the economic and political empowerment of women as a development imperative that transcends the confines of so-called “women’s issues.” Smart development that promotes women’s equality benefits families, communities, and nations. By investing in women, we are investing in a future in which countries can support themselves by unleashing the potential of their own people.

Furthermore, the United States applauds UNDP’s efforts to lead by example with their own workforce, as we believe advancing gender equality and opportunity for women must start from within our own governments and organizations.

Madam President, the United States looks forward to working with UNDP, and its Executive Board, on collective efforts to promote women’s equality through UNDP’s work worldwide.

Thank you, again.