Remarks by Ambassador Kelly Craft following the Presentation of Credentials to the UN

Ambassador Kelly Craft
Permanent Representative
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York City
September 12, 2019


Good morning, I cannot quite reach the words to describe the tremendous pride I feel standing before you as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. This is an institution that is fundamentally committed to the realization of human rights and human freedom around the world, and I am so very pleased to be in New York working to advance that noble mission.

Within all the official world of high politics, there is always the personal. Earlier this morning, I presented my credentials to Secretary-General Guterres, a man who is a very wise and visionary steward of this global body. I am so very grateful to him for his insightful leadership, and eagerly anticipate working with him to bring a freer, more prosperous world for all people.

I also wish to express my extraordinary gratitude for the bold leadership of President Trump. It is a profound personal honor to hold the President’s confidence, and this is a confidence I will seek to maintain and grow as I continue to convey the reinvigorated policies of this administration to the Security Council, and to the UN as a whole.

I come to the United Nations not only as the President’s emissary, but also as the voice of America’s unwavering commitment to democracy, freedom, human rights, and, whenever possible, the peaceful resolution of conflicts. In a world marked by humanitarian crises and geopolitical challenges, strong American leadership is absolutely critical, and I intend to provide it.

I will defend America’s values and interests. I will stand by our friends and allies. I will advocate for the poor and the weak. And I will never fail to work with those who genuinely wish to advance the cause of human dignity.

As my tenure as Ambassador commences, I wish to express my gratitude to God and my family for the wisdom and guidance they have provided in my time as a public servant. As the 74th Session of the General Assembly approaches, I look forward to engaging the challenges ahead, along with the staff of the US Mission, rising to meet them.

Thank you very much.