Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield at a UN Security Council Arria-Formula Meeting on Haiti

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield
U.S. Representative to the United Nations
New York, New York
October 15, 2021


Thank you very much, Rhonda. And let me start by also thanking all of the A3+1 for organizing today’s event, as well as today’s briefers for sharing your invaluable perspectives. And I think it goes without saying that we must commend and thank the Prime Minister of SVG and the Prime Minister of Haiti for participating in today’s discussion.

A heinous assassination, gang violence, a terrible earthquake, food insecurity, mass migrations – It is clear that we need to help Haiti break the cycle of crises. We need sustainable, long-term approaches to tackle the many challenges Haiti faces. There is no silver bullet solution – which is why we hope that this is the start of a conversation, rather than a standalone event. We all need to stand with Haiti and with Haitians in their time of need.

For our part, the United States remains committed to supporting the people of Haiti. As the two oldest democracies in the Western Hemisphere, the United States and Haiti have a strong and everlasting bond. This past January, the Biden Administration announced $75.5 million in bilateral development and health assistance to Haiti. We are also providing an additional $44 million to support earthquake response efforts.

To strengthen democratic processes and increase access to basic services, we are providing another $15.5 million. And we are providing an additional $15 million to specifically bolster the Haitian National Police and the judiciary to improve oversight, expand community policing efforts, and reduce the epidemic of unlawful, inhumane, and prolonged pretrial detention, among other efforts.

In service of being the world’s arsenal of vaccines, the United States has committed to providing over one million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Haiti. We paired that with more than $40 million to support the immediate COVID-19 health needs of Haitians.

In short, we have put our money where our mouth is because the Haitian people are in dire need. Which is why this is exactly the wrong time to scale back the mandate of BINUH.

The UN Country Team and the Haitian National Police rely on BINUH support. BINUH has an important role to play at this critical moment in supporting the Government of Haiti’s efforts to promote human rights, stabilize the situation on the ground and create the conditions for national elections to be held. Now is not the time for the Security Council to walk away.

The United States is committed to standing by the people of Haiti and committed to BINUH. We urge all Security Council members to remain steadfast in its commitment to the Haitian people.

Thank you, Rhonda.