Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield at a Press Avail in N’djamena, Chad

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield
U.S. Representative to the United Nations
N’djamena, Chad
September 7, 2023


QUESTION: (In French.)

AMBASSADOR LINDA THOMAS-GREENFIELD: Thank you for your question. I came to Chad to highlight the humanitarian situation along the border with Sudan, to engage on the humanitarian situation, and amplify that situation so that people are aware of what is happening on those borders. And I thanked – I had a good conversation with the president on the situation here in the region, the situation in Sudan, the situation in Niger, and how that is impacting Chad. I had an opportunity to also discuss the transition here in Chad.

MODERATOR: I think we’ll take one – one from —

QUESTION: Can I ask her a question? A question from National Public Radio. Thank you. Ambassador, did you have the opportunity to discuss the timeline for a democratic transition in Chad? And also, did you have an opportunity to inquire as to why the Chadian people have been so welcoming to the refugees when so many other countries with greater resources have not?

AMBASSADOR THOMAS-GREENFIELD: Thank you for both of those questions. We did talk about the timeline, and the president gave me his commitment to continuing to move forward on the transition. We talked about some of the challenges that exist to that process moving forward. We spent quite a bit of time talking about the situation on the Sudan border. I thanked the president for Chad’s welcoming environment. I thanked him for their hospitality. I let him know that we’d announce new funding for Chad: $161 million that will support the Sudanese refugees, but also support the people here in Chad. And he was very concerned that we not forget that the people of Chad who are welcoming these refugees are also poor themselves.

MODERATOR: Thank you. We can take —

QUESTION: Did he commit to a specific date for elections?

AMBASSADOR THOMAS-GREENFIELD: He did not. We understand that there will be elections sometime in December, but I’m not sure; I didn’t follow up on that date.

MODERATOR: Thank you.