Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield upon Arrival of the Presidential Delegation in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield
U.S. Representative to the United Nations
Cap-Haïtien, Haiti
July 23, 2021


Thank you for welcoming our delegation here this morning. I have with me Chairman Meeks, of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Congressman Fortenberry, from the State of Nebraska. I also have with me our Special Envoy, who I think all of you know, Special Envoy Foote, and the Special Assistant to the President for the Western Hemisphere, Juan, who is also here.

Our delegation is here to bring a message to the Haitian people: You deserve democracy, stability, security, and prosperity, and we stand with you in this time of crisis. So, we come here in solidarity with the Haitian people during this difficult time. And also, it’s important that we share our condolences with First Lady Martine Moïse and her family. But we also come to show our support for democracy and democratic process. The formation of a new government is a positive step, and it is a necessary first step as part of a broad and inclusive dialogue that responds to the needs of the Haitian people and begins the work of restoring Haiti’s democratic institutions.

One key task before the new government will be to create the conditions for free and fair legislative and presidential elections as soon as feasible. At this critical moment, Haiti’s civil society and its young people must be included in the political process. They must have the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the future of their country. This is a message I heard loud and clear in a virtual meeting yesterday with inspiring, young Haitian civil society members.

We urge Haiti’s new leaders – as a priority – to work with civil society to protect the Haitian people, promote human rights, and preserve the rule of law. The United States will continue to support efforts by Haiti’s leaders to restore security, and to strengthen democracy, stability, and prosperity for the Haitian people. We will build on our efforts to build and expand access to COVID-19 vaccines, to strengthen security, fight corruption, and bolster democratic institutions.

Let me say, once again, it’s an honor to be welcomed here by you today.