Remarks following the Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2441 on Libya Sanctions

Ambassador Jonathan Cohen
U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York City
November 5, 2018


Thank you, Mr. President.

Today’s vote to renew the mandate authorizing UN Security Council sanctions on illicit petroleum exports from Libya and asset freezes and travel bans on Libyan political spoilers should have been unanimous. It should be sending a clear message to the Libyan people – that we are united behind you and that we on the Security Council will hold Libyan spoilers to account for their actions.

The Security Council unanimously agreed to designate six migrant smugglers earlier this year for their abuses in Libya, which marked the very first time that we’ve ever used sanctions to respond to migrant trafficking. These criminal gangs cannot operate with impunity, and we remain deeply concerned about the welfare of the migrants they seek to exploit. We also unanimously agreed in September to designate Libyan militia leader Ibrahim Jadran for attacking Libya’s oil facilities earlier this summer. This should be a warning to others who may try to seize Libya’s resources for themselves, and this mandate clearly authorizes the Security Council to act in the future.

One key factor that has not changed in Libya is the potential of the Libyan people and their desire to create a better country for themselves. The Security Council must continue to do its part.

Thank you.