Remarks on a Procedural Vote at a UN General Assembly Meeting on a U.S. Draft Resolution to Condemn Hamas Terrorism

Ambassador Nikki Haley
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York City
December 6, 2018



Thank you, Madam President. A simple majority is required for the adoption of the U.S. proposed resolution. Since coming to the UN, everyone in this room has heard me talk about double standards and the fact that we need fairness in the UN. And we take on heavy concerns and heavy issues, and the answers aren’t always easy. But if we don’t have fairness, we don’t have anything else. This is not about emotion. This is about doing what’s right.

The General Assembly has never said anything – not one thing – about Hamas, even when we all agree Hamas’ behavior undermines any prospects for peace. The General Assembly has never uttered the word in any resolution about Hamas.

Last Friday – just last Friday – there was no decision that resolutions under this same agenda item had to be adopted by a two-thirds vote. You didn’t do it then. Similarly, there should be no decision that a two-thirds majority applies now. There should be no double standards in this chamber.

I want to be clear about the consequences of this procedural vote. This is a decision meant purely to disrupt the adoption of the resolution that the United States has put forward. Those putting forward this motion want our resolution to fail. My Kuwaiti brother knows that. The Arab group knows that. You should not let them.

The United States urges all Member States to stand with us on this procedural vote. Accordingly, I urge all Member States to vote “no” on this decision that a two-thirds majority should be required.

Let’s vote this the way it was intended to vote – up or down, majority rules, just like every single resolution under this agenda item last Friday.

Thank you.