Remarks on Agenda Item 142: Joint Inspection Unit Annual and Program of Work Report Fifth Committee, 1st Resumed Part of the 72nd UN General Assembly

Ambassador Cherith Norman Chalet
Minister Counselor
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York City
March 14, 2018


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

The United States would like to thank the Vice-Chair and Inspector of the Joint Inspection Unit, Mr. Jorge Flores Callejas for presenting the Unit’s 2017 annual report and the 2018 program of work. I would also like to thank Ms. Simona Petrova, Director of the Secretariat of the UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination for introducing the related note by the Secretary-General on this item.

As the sole independent external oversight body of the United Nations system mandated to conduct system-wide evaluations, inspections and investigations, the JIU is uniquely positioned to provide Member States critical views on program effectiveness as well as administrative policies such as air travel that impact the UN system overall. As the Organization begins its implementation of the Secretary-General’s reform agenda, the Unit should play a key role in helping ensure that the Organization incorporates lessons learned from previous reform endeavors.

We thank the JIU for the work conducted on the 14 projects and reports issued in 2017. We also look forward to reviewing reports to be issued in 2018, including the review of oversight bodies and whistleblower protection policies in the United Nations system. The United States continues to advocate for improvements to policies and processes that seek to protect staff members against retaliation when they report misconduct, and we look forward to the JIU’s analysis and recommendations in this regard.

A successful organization constantly evolves to meet the changing demands placed upon it. My delegation therefore appreciates the JIU’s on-going constructive efforts to improve its own working methods to meet the UN’s needs as it conducts system-wide reviews. This includes the recent introduction of the web-based tracking system, which will strengthen organizational accountability in the implementation of recommendations and aligning authority with responsibility. In this regard, we challenge organizations and governing bodies to endorse JIU recommendations and report on their implementation as they work to increase operational effectiveness and cohesion within the UN system.


In closing, Mr. Vice- Chair, we encourage the JIU to continue to collaborate with the Chief Executives Board, executive heads of organizations and with member states through the governing body processes throughout the UN system.


We look forward to working with all delegations during this session to continue to improve the JIU and the impact of its work.

Thank you very much.