Remarks on the France and UAE drafted UN Security Council Resolution on Renewing Mali Sanctions

Ambassador Robert Wood
Alternative Representative for Special Political Affairs
New York, New York
August 30, 2023


The United States is disappointed by the outcome of today’s vote. Once again, Russia has imposed its will on the Council, in the face of the opposition of countries from the region. The Council’s failure to agree on the urgent and necessary renewal of Mali’s sanctions regime due to Russia’s actions threatens peace and security not just in Mali, but the entire region.

We voted in favor of this text because the Panel of Experts’ reporting is a central source of information on the situation in Mali. The travel ban and asset freeze remain necessary to stem the illicit financial transfers and ill-gotten gains both from Mali and into a region in which numerous malign actors operate and have sadly proliferated. Too many people continue to suffer from the ongoing violence, and due to Russia’s actions, this Council has failed to renew some of the most important international initiatives for addressing this crisis.

The provisions of this resolution remain critical to peace and security in Mali. The United States is committed to working constructively with Security Council colleagues in the coming days to achieve a mandate renewal that accurately reflects the dire situation on the ground and this Council’s primary role to maintain international peace and security.