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Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s New York Foreign Press Center Briefing on Russia’s Aggression Toward Ukraine 

The fact that the Russians are building up along the border and threatening Ukraine is a threat to peace and security, and that is what the Security Council is there for, to address those issues. So the fact of Russia being president of the Security Council in February does not change the fact that the ...
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Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s Interview with Maria Ramos of TRT World News, Turkey

Diplomacy is still on the table. Secretary Blinken's trip to Europe last week, I think, indicated how forward-leaning we are on the diplomatic front. He met with Lavrov, as you're showing there now, and we're continuing to have discussions with the Russians, but also with our European colleagues to ensure that our voices are unified ...
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Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s Interview with Claudio Pagliara of RAI, Italy

Well, 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine – that’s probably the strongest evidence that we have. Training and maneuvers on the border. All of these show plans for aggression. And while we are continuing to look for a diplomatic solution, we’re being prepared and we are prepared to respond to any aggressive action that ...
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