Second Committee Statement on Agenda Item 19d “Protection of global climate for present and future generations of humankind”

Courtney R. Nemroff
Acting U.S. Representative for Economic and Social Affairs
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York, New York
November 27, 2019


The United States is disappointed by the inclusion of language in paragraph 9, which promotes the domestic political priorities of a single Member State. Regrettably, such language detracts and deflects from the fundamental approach of the 2030 Agenda that reflects our shared position on sustainable development. Therefore, we must disassociate from Paragraph 9. Nonetheless, we have joined consensus on this resolution, given the importance of the issue. We expect that future iterations of this resolution will advance the interests of all Member States and eschew narrow political messaging that undermines our ability to collectively achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The United States affirms our support for promoting economic growth and improving energy security while protecting the environment.

We note that the United States submitted formal notification of its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement to the United Nations on November 4, 2019. The withdrawal will take effect one year from the delivery of the notification. Therefore, references to the Paris Agreement and climate change are without prejudice to U.S. positions.

With respect to the IPCC special report references in this resolution and other resolutions at this session of the UN General Assembly, the United States has indicated at the IPCC that acceptance of such reports and approval of their respective Summaries for Policymakers by the IPCC does not imply U.S. endorsement of the specific findings or underlying contents of the reports. References to the IPCC special reports are also without prejudice to U.S. positions.

We also reiterate the position of the United States, delivered on November 21, 2019, with regard to this resolution’s references to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, and the Sendai Framework.

Further, we note that references to provisions of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change or the Paris Agreement and decisions by their parties do not change or interpret the meaning or applicability of these instruments and decisions.

As a global leader in innovation, the United States stands ready to continue working with others on these important issues.

Thank you.