Statement at the Fifth Committee: Accountability First Resumed Part, 75th UN General Assembly

Ambassador Elisabeth Millard
Acting Ambassador for UN Management and Reform
New York, New York
March 15, 2021


The United States would like to thank the Secretary-General for his Tenth Progress Report on accountability, as well as the ACABQ for its insights and recommendations.

The General Assembly, stressed, in resolution 74/271, that an effective accountability system is central to the successful management of the Organizations and welcomed the Secretary-General’s efforts to instill “a strong culture of accountability throughout the Secretariat.”

And we agree with the Advisory Committee that accountability should, and does, represent a critical pillar of the United Nations and is vital to all its reform efforts.

In that spirit, the United States notes with appreciation a number of recent innovations and strategies that strengthen accountability and transparency, including the new Budget Results Dashboard and the updated risk register. These new tools enable staff and member states to track, monitor, and measure the work of the Organization and will sustain and enrich the culture of accountability we need in the United Nations. Also, we continue to expect the Business Transformation and Accountability Division to provide effective management functions related to accountability.

We agree that Umoja plays a key role in providing greater transparency and accountability. We encourage the Secretariat to continue to fully leverage and mainstream the efficiencies and other benefits that Umoja can bring.

We also look forward to the Office of Internal Oversight Services evaluation of the UN’s accountability system as well as the Joint Inspection Unit’s system-wide assessment of accountability frameworks of United Nations’ Organizations. These two reports, viewed in conjunction, and drawing on best practices, lessons learned, and opportunities for growth, will aid the Secretary-General in sustaining accountability.

The United States agrees with the Advisory Committee’s call for timely implementation of all decisions and recommendations of intergovernmental bodies. It is essential for the sustainability of an accountable culture to maintain the momentum of innovation and reform.

Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.