Statement in a Meeting of the Fifth Committee on Agenda Item 141: Umoja

U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York, New York
December 4, 2020


Mr. Chairman.

The United States would like to express its appreciation to all who worked on this, the twelfth progress report of the UMOJA project. The United States would also like to express its appreciation to all who have worked, and continue to work, to bring the Umoja enterprise resource planning platform to life.

The deployment of Umoja is truly, as the Board of Auditors notes, a significant achievement, as the strategic planning tool member states had envisioned when we approved its development twelve years ago. Umoja has already delivered in many ways such as, providing valuable gains and streamlining in supply chain management, provision of services, infrastructure, and conference management.

We look forward to the full implementation of Umoja and the increased realization of benefits, such as further planning efficiencies, well organized service delivery, and more accurate budget formulation, by all stakeholders that utilize this important enterprise resource planning tool.

To that end, we support the ACABQ’s recommendation that the Secretary-General provide an update on benefits realization in his final report.

We note the new governance model and acknowledge the ACABQ’s recommendation that the Secretary-General establish the proposed model, as well as the Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division, for a period of one year and provide an assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the new model in his final report during the seventy-sixth session of the General Assembly.

Finally, regarding budget and resource requirements, we see merit in the recommendations of ACABQ and look forward to a fulsome discussion on each recommendation during our deliberations of this important agenda item.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.