Statement on the UN Peacebuilding Commission’s Launch of the 2020 Review of the Peacebuilding Architecture

Courtney R. Nemroff
Acting U.S. Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York, New York
November 22, 2019


Thank you, Mr. Chair, for gathering us here today for the launch of the informal phase of the 2020 review of the peacebuilding architecture. I also want to thank the Secretary-General, the Vice President of the General Assembly, and distinguished colleagues for your briefings.

We also appreciate the statement from the Deputy Permanent Representative from the United Kingdom, Mr. Jonathan Allen. Since he has already spoken on behalf of the Security Council, I promise to keep my remarks very brief.

First and foremost, the United States welcomes the launch of this important initiative today to examine the implementation of resolutions on the peacebuilding architecture. We also commend its forward-looking focus on improving the work of the UN on peacebuilding, particularly at the field level, where the commission’s valuable contributions touch the daily lives of people most directly.

Architecture is not for the sake architecture. Indeed, the most successful architecture is that in which form serves function. We bear this in mind, and it is particularly relevant this year, as the UN secretariat launches the new UN development system as well. This review about the architecture should not be happening in a vacuum. We need to look at how the architecture is actually gaining efficiencies and helping to bring maximum results on the ground. This results focus will not only strengthen the Commission’s capacity to carry out its mandate but it will also strengthen integration of effort across the UN system and with the various stakeholders at all levels.

We look forward to supporting this review in the year ahead and sharing input for the Commission’s consideration as it works to reinforce the foundation of its mission, particularly as 2020 marks the 15th anniversary of the Peacebuilding Commission and the 75th anniversary of the UN. This is a seminal year for both, and this is an important part of the celebrations.

Thank you.